Lecture in EEC Series

Environment and Earth Care Lecture Series

Prof. G. D. Sharma, Former Secretary UGC and Ex-Professor NIEPA

4th September, 2020 (Webinar)

Lecture on "Challenges reaching out to Students during Pandemic and Post Pandemic"

The Climate Change Research Institute (CCRI) organized the Guest lecture in Environment and Earth Care (EEC) series on 4th September 2020. The lecture titled “Challenges reaching out to Students during Pandemic and Post Pandemic’” was delivered by Prof. G. D. Sharma, Former Secretary UGC. Prof. Sharma quoted Mahatma Gandhi and said that he believed basic education was integrated way of thinking for education, economy and environment. He linked 3Es through the process of psychomotor skills to be given to the students and by plantings trees and saplings for protecting environment. He shared personal experience as a student when activities to enhance psychomotor skills were pursued in schools. Prof. G.D. Sharma explained the New Education Policy 2020, in detail. There are structural changes and some of the highlights are;

(i)         Emphasis on continuing education
(ii)        Integration of academics and experimental learning through vocational life coping skills,
(iii)       Outcome based evaluation, which would be outcome based results and
(iv)       Language for teaching in mother tongue to give flexibility.

Outcome based learning and timely evaluations are very important. About the language he mentioned about a study conducted some time back in six different States of India on language as medium of teaching. It was noted that the States in which the children were initially taught in their mother tongue, then in regional language and then in English, they were the best performers. Prof. G. D. Sharma gave his suggestions on how to reach out the students in an imaginative manner during the corona period and to ensure that they have access to education and have social development as well. He concluded that the new ‘normal’ mode of education could be mixed mode of education requiring digital material, applications, Study from Home (SFH) and the need to be self-reliant. He suggested that the key to Atmanirbharta in students is finding their area of interest and work for inter-dependence for creating a win-win situation, thinking and applying the ideas and thoughts to find solution to their problems. The Guest lecture presentation can be seen here.

Dr. (Mrs.) Malti Goel, Chief Executive and President, CCRI welcomed the lecture. She interacted with the students and the teachers on a creative note. Prof. D. P. Agrawal, Chairman Governing Council, CCRI said that it is important for teachers to create continued awareness among students and parents about the safety from corona virus. Mrs. Maya Gupta, Director- Principal, Universal Public School (UPS), Preet Vihar, Dr Neha Tripathi, Assistant Professor, School of Planning and Architecture and Dr. Bhawana Awasthi, Chief Medical and Clinical Oncology, Indian Spinal Injuries Centre also participated and shared their views. A large number of teachers and students participated in the webinar.

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