Participation in National Issues

Eminent panelist in ‘Make in India: the next leap forward?’ at Building India Inc ’15, DMS, IIT Delhi

Building India Inc., the annual Business summit organized by the Department of Management Studies, IIT Delhi was held on 4 & 5th April this year. This business Summit is an attempt to bring together the Government, corporate and the academia to deliberate on issues and challenges facing the nation and share their experiences and views with the larger audience and management graduates. Government of India has launched ‘Make in India’ in 2014 with the aim of attracting business from around the world to invest and to give boost to manufacturing in the country. The campaign covers 25 sectors of economy. The theme of BI1’15 held jointly with IID Alumani Association was ‘Strengthening the Roots’.  

In the Panel Discussion on ‘Make in India’, the next leap forward?, Dr. (Mrs) Malti Goel, an Alumni of IIT Delhi and Former Adviser, Ministry of Science & Technology (MST), participated as eminent Panelist. Theme of her talk was Synergy for Innovation through application of Science & Technology for ‘Make in India’ success. Sharing her experience in catalyzing Inter-sectoral research as joint technology development projects at MST, she said translation of ‘Make in India’ policy into practice required coordinated action on several fronts, besides investment and skills. What kind of technology, IPR sharing and environment friendliness of technology from climate change concerns are critical issues among others. A case study on implementation of column Flotation in Zinc industry and lessons learnt to overcome barriers was discussed. She concluded by saying that technology development & management are no longer unilateral activity, but requires a human interface, collaborative efforts and mutual trust among various partners for sharing IPR in its initial stage.