Dr. Malti Goel receives OCND 2023 Award from IITDAA

Dr. Malti Goel receives OCND 2023 Award from IITDAA on 29th April 2023

Dr. (Mrs) Malti Goel (M.Sc. Physics, 1967) President receives “OCND - Outstanding Contribution to National Development” award on 29th April 2023 from IITDAA.  Dr. (Mrs) Malti Goel is former Senior Adviser and Scientist ‘G’, Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India. She has taken leadership role in promoting scientific solutions for carbon sequestration and is author of several scientific books on environment & energy related topics, publications in peer reviewed journals and book chapters. She received Life Time Achievement Award (2016) for climate change research from the Pearl Foundation, Madurai. Malti Goel is a winner of Gold Medal for Masters in Physics from BITS Pilani (1967) and was topper in Post M.Sc D.I.I.T from the IIT Delhi (1969).  She was awarded Ph.D (Physics) from Indian Institute of Technology in 1973 and made outstanding contributions in original research in the study of electrets of organic polymers in her post-doctoral studies at IIT Delhi. She served the IITDAA Executive Committee as Treasurer during 2012-14. Malti Goel was designated Adjunct Professor, Jamia Hamdard in 2008, Emeritus Scientist CSIR and INSA, and visiting Faculty, School of Planning & Architecture. Currently she is founder and Chief Executive of Climate Change Research Institute. Through this award the IITD association recognises and celebrates her outstanding and path breaking contributions to ‘Academics, Social Impact’ for the year 2022-23 towards national development and meaningful to society.

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