Lecture in EEC Series

Environment and Earth Care Lecture Series

Dr. Ramaiah Nagappa, Former Chief Scientist and Professor at AcSIR, and Former Deputy Director, CSIR-NIO, Goa

5th June, 2022 (Webinar)

Lecture on "Post COVID-19 Measures for Sustainable Harnessing of Marine Bioresources"

The Climate Change Research Institute (CCRI) in collaboration with India International Centre, New Delhi organized Guest Lecture in EEC lecture series titled as “Post COVID-19 Measures for Sustainable Harnessing of Marine Bioresources” on 4th June 2021. The lecture was delivered by Dr. Ramaiah Nagappa, Former Chief Scientist and Professor at AcSIR, and Former Deputy Director, CSIR-NIO,  Goa. Oceans are the planet earth’s largest and continuous ecosystem. The ocean resources are diverse and abundant, can be of six different types, Biological, Biotechnological, Chemical, Geological, Geophysical and Physical. Dr Ramaiah talked about “Blue Economy” and said there are seven major activities that take place in the coasts of India, like shipping, ports and harbors, marine farming, coastal space, food and drugs, salts and minerals and security; all are commercial expect “security”. Impact of COVID and increasing warming of the oceans, acidification and deoxygenation, the deadly trio of the oceans was explained by him. Dr. Nagappa talked about the health of our seas and said we need to retain it for gains. For long term, sustained outcomes, he identified the 5Is I.e., Institute, Implement, Impart, Innovative and Ideas. His lucid presentation can be seen here.

In his lecture Dr.Nagappa further suggested R&D essential areas for sustainable harnessing of bioresources:

  1. Resource Assessment Focus: Modern Tools(CUFES,CPR,UW Surveillance Gadgetry)
  2. BGC Processes Focus: In situ and lab experiments on Prodn, Respn, Resilience, Physiology
  3. Ocean Health Focus: TS Ocean Observation Platforms, ZDHS-Watch, HAB monitoring
  4. Mari-culture Development Focus: Evaluate and grow delectable plant, fish, shellfish species
  5. Biotech Products Focus: Microbial(glycerol, DHA,MPC),algal (agar, skincare, pigments)

Dr. (Mrs.) Malti Goel, Chief Executive and President, Climate Change Research Institute (CCRI) earlier gave the background of Earth Day celebration and EEC lecture series. She explained how oceans are well known feedbacks to the climate system on earth. Oceans store thousand times more heat than the atmosphere and act as climatic buffers. She gave examples of national level experiments initiated by the Government of India such as MONTBLEX and TOGA-I and many others to understand Monsoon and Climate systems. The Sagarmala project has been launched by the government for comprehensive development of 7500km coast line. Ocean, Climate, Human health, Marine ecosystem, and Biodiversity all are interlinked and Ecosystem restoration demands “One Planet, One Ocean, One Health!”. The lecture was shared live with members of IIC.

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