World Environment Day 2020


World Environment Day 2020 on Post COVID-19

In collaboration with the India International Centre (IIC), Dr (Mrs.) Malti Goel, President, Climate Change Research Institute (CCRI) conducted a webinar on Post COVIS-19: Future of Biodiversity

First week of June, 2020

Dr (Mrs) Malti Goel, President and Chief Executive, Climate Change Research Institute (CCRI) delivered the invited lecture on "Post COVID-19: Future on Biodiversity'' as part of World Environment Day celebration on 5th June 2020. This year the Environment day marked the society's unified and digital response to our environmental crisis.  COVID-19 was declared as Pandemic on 11th March 2020. Due to lockdown the event could not take place physically. Amidst lockdown the celebrated the Environment Day. The lecture covered it in four parts, i.e., COVID-19 and Post COVID-19, Biological Diversity & Conservation, Challenges and Future of Biodiversity. Excerpts from the lecture as below.

 COVID-19 was a huge economic disruption, challenge to food security, migration of casual workers, severe threat to human health, and impact on biodiversity. The UNEP Conservation of Biological Diversity (CBD) objectives are;

  • Sustainable use of the components of biological diversity
  • Fair and Equitable sharing of benefits arising out of the utilization of generic resources

Biodiversity can be Genealogical diversity, Organism diversity and Ecological diversity.

There is Hippo Decline in Biodiversity: major causes of decline are habitat loss, climate change and international wild animal trade. Biological Diversity has synergy with climate change and COVID-19.

Prof. V S Verma, Distinguished professor at Central Power Research Institute, Bangalore delivered the Welcome Address.

The CCRI released e-Newsletter on COVID-19 and Climate Change on 5th June, 2020

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