Chief Guest on National Science Day 2020, Hindustan Collage of Science & Technology, Mathura

National Science Day is celebrated to mark the Indian success story in Science. 90 years ago, Prof. C.V. Raman got Nobel Prize in Physics in 1930. Hindustan Collage of Science & Technology (HCST) celebrated the National Science Day on 28 February 2020 at its campus near Mathura participated by large number of graduate and post graduate students. Dr (Mrs.) Malti Goel, Chief Executive, Climate Change Research Institute (CCRI) was the Chief Guest and delivered the KEYNOTE ADDRESS on the theme ‘Women in Science’. The event started with lamp lighting and ‘Saraswati Pooja’. Homage was paid to Sir C.V. Raman, with Flowers and garlands. The Welcome Remarks on this occasion were delivered by Prof. M.S. Gaur, Head, Department of Physics and Dean (R&D), HCST. Dr. Rajeev K. Upadhyay, Director, HCST in the Opening Ceremony addressed the participants about the importance of Raman Effect. Dr. D.G. Roy Chowdhury, Executive Director of SGI Group of Institutions highlighted the need for linking research with corporate sector priorities. Prof. Dr. Harish Vyas and Dr. Alka Vyas from Ujjain also addressed the students.

Raman Effect is a change of wavelength exhibited by some of the radiation scattered from the matter. The effect is specific to the molecules which cause it, and so can be used in spectroscopic analysis. A light or laser beam is used to irradiate a spot on the sample under investigation. The scattered radiation produced by the Raman Effect contains information about the energies of molecular vibrations and rotations, and these depend on the particular atoms or ions that comprise the molecule, the chemical bonds connect them, the symmetry of their molecule structure, and the physico-chemical environment where they reside. Light incident on matter is partly reflected, partly transmitted, partly absorbed and partly scattered. Raman Spectroscopy is used to study shift in wavelengths of the in-elastically scattered radiation that provides the chemical and structural information about the matter under study. Dr. Malti Goel was impresed to see the work under going in Electret Lebs of Prof. MS Gaur.