Contribution made to the book on ‘Indian Women Scientist: Unsung Stories’, Vijaya Sinha, Notion Press, 2023

Indian Women Scientist: Unsung Stories’ is a very absorbing and inspiring accounts of four eminent women scientists Dr Malti Goel, Dr Krishnamma Reddy, Dr Kiran Kumar and the author herself Dr Vijaya Sinha. These pioneers did not only chase their dreams successfully but also made our nation proudly realize its dream in the realm of research and development in science. These science luminaries belong to an era when the concept of higher education in the field of science was quite alien to women. The threshold of the institutes of science and technology was beyond their access. Their appearance in the research laboratories was a rare phenomenon. The gender discrimination saw to it that many women talents got nipped in the bud.Their achievement was no mean feat. They broke the barriers of socio-cultural gender-baseddogma and stormed the male bastion. Not only did they survive but scaled academic heights and excelled in the field.