World Earth Day 2020 and COVID-19


World Earth Day 2020 and COVID-19

Earth Day celebration falling on 22nd April was a very special event in 2020 being the 50th Anniversary of the World Earth Day. The theme for the Earth Day 2020 was “Climate Action”. The CCRI planned science campaign in association with the India International Centre (IIC), had to be cancelled due to pandemicCOVID-19and worldwide lockdown.

In a digital celebration Dr. (Mrs.) Malti Goel, President CCRI sent Earth Day message to all invitees quoting from Pope Francis
The global pandemic might be one of nature’s responses to man-made climate crisis”.

She said the pandemic has brought about an unprecedented situation which has halted many communities, services, and programmes worldwide. By April it was reported that COVID-19 wave has almost infected more than 200 countries, with first case of officially reported by WHO on 31st December 2019 at Wuhan, China. The President message to school children narrated the LESSONS from this episode about the need to conserve energy.Saving oil, using electricity efficiently and doingfew other things by staying at Home, should be the goal.

  • Plant a sapling at your house
  • Learn more about the native plants, shrubs and birds or attend webinars online.
  • Utilise your Lockdown time by reading and learning new skills 
  • Look for more sustainable options in day-to-day life by using
  • Stay at home and prevent wasting food and water.
  • Practice reuse and recycling at home.

Short video film prepared inhouse